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GreenExergy brings you the future of energy – green energy. GreenExergy’s array of engineering and design services help transform biomass in the form of forestry and sawmill residues into wealth.

Powered by the expertise of the world’s foremost leaders in bioengineering technologies, GreenExergy provides proven, proprietary technology backed by world class engineering services for the production of green electrical power, bio-pellets and heat from forest biomass.

GreenExergy specializes in building Bioenergy combine plants that can produce bioenergy in the form of green electricity,  heat and bio-pellets (CHPP – Combined Heat, Power and Pellets) from forestry and sawmill residues. GreenExergy also offers its own developed and tuned products for the Steam Dryer system. The steam dryer system has been developed over 10 years and consists of the whole pressurized steam circuit with feeding, drying and steam turbine.

GreenExergy – because the future is closer than it seems.



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